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3.1 Use PhalApi or not

It's obviously different between good at how to develop with a framework and kowning why we develop with the framework.

As we know, a framework can help to reduce repeat code. In the other side, it indicates that everything will be under our control, such as code style, project risk, project management, etc.

Here is to say, it's very helpfull to spend some time to think about it whether we can use PhalApi to develop or not.

3.2 What PhalApi major in

PhalApi focus on providing various stable API services for mobile apps, big data and other API systems.

Consequently, we combine HTTP protocol with JSON to provide API service.
Yet if you need other style, you can custom it very easily. We will talk about it later.

3.3 Agile development and fast delivery

We believe in that:
a good code style help to form a good development style, a good development style help to build an excelent teamwork, a excelent teamwork help to deliver prodcution fastly.

3.4 Constrains and focus

Use contrains as guide rails.

A good framework not only tells us how to do, but also what we can't do. It's very important.
For examplye, we hate to wait trafic lights, but we konw they protected us from accident.