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8.1 Simple Config Retrieving

Generally, there are three config files in PhalApi.

$ tree ./PhalAPi/Config
├── app.php
├── dbs.php
└── sys.php

The file app.php contains project configs, dbs.php includes database configs, and sys.php kepp system configs for different environments.

We can specify where are these config files in entrance file.

//$ vim ./Public/init.php

// Configurations
DI()->config = new PhalApi_Config_File(API_ROOT . '/Config');

Assume there are some configs as below in file app.php.

return array(

    'version' => '1.1.1',

    'email' => array(
        'address' => '',

Then we can retrieve configs simply.

// all configs in app.php
DI()->config->get('app');  // array( ... )

// one config in app.php
DI()->config->get('app.version');  // 1.1.1

// multi level config in app.php
DI()->config->get('');  // ''

We can also add new config files as we want.

8.2 Config Management Under Continuous Intergration

Actually, there are serveral enviroments during project development, such as development enviroment, testing enviroment, production enviroment etc. Consequently, we need different config files for different enviroment.

Usually, we maintain different config files with different suffixes. Take production configs as an example. The Config folder looks like as below after we add new prod files and

$ tree ./PhalApi/Config
├── app.php
├── dbs.php
├── sys.php

After that, we can switch to related config files automatically in deployment. Take PHing for example.

We could replace these config files with production config files in build.xml.

//$ vim ./build.xml 

            overwrite="true" />
            overwrite="true" />

Once we excute phing to deploy, we will see:

     [copy] Copying 1 file to /home/phapapi/Config
     [copy] Copying 1 file to /home/phapapi/Config

8.3 Using Yaconf Under PHP7

(1) PHP7 Installation

If you have PHP7 installed, you can ignore this part, or you need to install PHP7 first of all.

(2) Installing Yaconf library

Please visit laruence/yaconf.

(3) Register DI()->config with PhalApi_Config_Yaconf

At entrance file, let's register DI()->config with PhalApi_Config_Yaconf.

DI()->config = new PhalApi_Config_Yaconf();

(4) Usage

Assume we have a test.ini as below in ./Config folder.

//$ vim ./Config/test.ini


Then we can retrieve the configs as usual.

var_dump(DI()->config->get('foo')); // same as var_dump(Yaconf::get("foo"));

var_dump(DI()->config->has('foo')); // same as var_dump(Yaconf::has("foo"));

8.4 Extend Your Own Config

PhalApi save config into files at default. Of course, we can store our configs at anywhere, like database, cache, even remote servers wherever we want. All we need to do is just implementing the interface PhalApi_Config.