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13.1 Language Setting

When we need to switch to other language for different clients, we can use function SL() to set special language.


We switch to Simple Chinese above, which is the folder name as bebow:

|-- en
|   `-- common.php
`-- zh_cn
    `-- common.php

Of course, we can set the language according to the parameter from clients. Take $_GET['lan'] for example.


13.2 Add Language Translation Message

After set the language, we need to add the related translation file into folder ./Language. That means, if we set language to en, we need translation file ./Language/en/common.php; if zh_cn, then ./Language/zh_cn/common.php.

The translation file is very simple. It is nothing but a mapping array. The keys are original content, while the value is translation.

Here is an example of Simple Chinese.

return array(
    'Hi {name}, welcome to use PhalApi!' => '{name}您好,欢迎使用PhalApi!',
    'user not exists' => '用户不存在',

13.3 How to Translate?

After set the language and prepare the translation file, we can translate content with fast function T() in the project.

(1) Simple Translation Without Any Variable

echo T('user not exists');

It will show:


(2) Translation With A Variable

Sometimes we have to display some dynamic data for different sutiation. Dynemic variable should be inside between with bracketing without any blank.

echo T('hello {name}', array('name' => 'dogstar'));  

While the translation is:

'hello {name}' => '您好,{name}',

We will see:


(3) Translation With Multi Variables

If there are many variables, we can also use numeric index for convenience.

echo T('{0} I love you because {1}', array('PhalApi', 'no reasons'));

While the translation is:

'{0} I love you because {1}' => '{0} 我爱你因为{1}',

It will print:

PhalApi 我爱你因为no reasons

13.4 When Happen If No Translation?

It is straightforward that when there is no translation, it will output the original content.

13.5 Extend Your Translation

In addtion, if translation files are not under folder ./Language but other fodler else, we can add the new folder by PhalApi_Translator::addMessage().

Take library User for example,

PhalApi_Translator::addMessage(API_ROOT . '/Library/User');

And under folder /path/to/Library/User, it should be like this:

└── zh_cn
    └── common.php

1 directory, 1 file